Conditions of Use

1. Defined in the Regulations of the concept means:

                  Seller - Production and Service Facility Nipplex LLC based in Czerśl 4, 21-400 Łuków entered in the Business Register by Mayor of Łuków

                  at number 436, e-mail address:

                  Buyer - the operator who submitted the contract in accordance with this Regulation,

                  Web site - page

                  Goods - All goods described and priced on the Website,

                  Order - a declaration of will by the Buyer in accordance with the model set out on the Website, constituting an offer to conclude a contract

                  Acceptance of the order for execution - the information sent to the Buyer that his order has been accepted for implementation,

                  with condition that the statement is effective if the buyer fails to submit objections to the Regulations within 1 day.


                  Availability of Goods - Finding the Goods in Seller's or people's working with him stock at the time of placing his

                  information about the Goods on the website;

2. These Regulations are an integral part of the contract of sale based on the order submitted through the online store.

3. Order is considered to be complex and binding on the Buyer as an offer for a period of seven days, if:

- person entitled to its submission filled in all fields marked as required to fulfill the order in strict accordance with the instruction, and sent to be made, according to the procedure given on the Website and a declaration of acceptance of the Online Shop Rules

4. Information posted on the website, including the price of the Goods does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 543 KC, and only an invitation to submit tenders.

5. The buyer may choose the form of payment of the payment methods indicated on the order form.

6. The date of payment shall be considered to influence the measures in favor of the Seller.

7. The completion date of the contract shall be the date of its transfer to the carrier.

8. In case of the Buyer is a consumer, the term of the contract can not be longer than 14 days after the obtainment,
unless the parties specify a different date of the Order.

9. Principles of receiving the Goods from the carrier are determined by the carrier after consultation with the

10. Buyers receive along with the Merchandise, written confirmation of the contract, stating the date, the nature
and object of the provision and the price of which is the receipt. At the request of the buyer, seller issues a VAT

11. Shipping costs and any other indicated on the order form shall be covered by the Buyer.

12. Buyer being a consumer may cancel the contract within 14 days from the date of delivery to the Buyer. In this
case what the parties rendered is returned unchanged unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course of
business. Refund will be made immediately, no later than fourteen days. Goods are covered by manufacturer's

13. If the Goods are defected, the Buyer must deliver them to: Nipplex LLC, Czerśl 4, 21-400 Łuków and describe the
defect. The complaint will be dealt with within 14 days of its receive.

14. In case of positive acceptance of the reclamation, the product will be repaired or replaced. If a repair or
replacement is not possible, the Buyer will receive a refund of the value.

15. In case of reclamation refusal, goods will be sent back to the address of the Buyer and the Buyer will be
charged for re-delivery of the Goods.

16. Goods under the Promotion may be purchased only under the terms of the promotion

17. Seller reserves the right not to implement the Order Acceptance in particular where:
- Buyer did not settle obligations to the Seller or violated the contractual provisions under the previously
executed transactions or current transactions
- The Seller does not have ordered Goods,
- Seller due to a failure of any of the systems is not technically possible to send such confirmation.

18. Buyer acknowledges that:
- Administrator of personal data processed for the purpose of the contract is Nipplex LLC Czerśl 4, 21-400 Łuków, NIP 825-217-23-54
- Has the right to access his data in order to control and verification,
- Has the right to apply in writing to the Administrator to delete his personal data,
- disclosure is voluntary,
- According to the Law on Personal Data Protection of 27 August 1997 (Journal. Laws No. 133, item 1997. 883,
unified text: Journal of Laws. Laws of 2002. No. 101, item. 926) inform that the personal data of our clients are
in the data set of the online store Nipplex LLC
- We do not share personal information of our customers to third parties.


19. Buyer agrees to the processing of their data in order to carry out orders.

20. The technical requirements necessary to work with the ICT system used by the Seller is a device connected to the
internet equipped with a web browser version for proper viewing and ordering goods.


21. Buyer agrees not to deliver to the Seller illegal content.


22. Order Form and Acceptance of an order are stored in electronic form and will be available for inspection at the
request of the Buyer.


23. The applicable law is Polish


24. The provisions of these Regulations specifying the rights or obligations of the Buyer in breach of consumer
rights arising from generally applicable laws or violate the interests of consumers, including in particular
paragraphs 7, 14 do not apply to consumers.